vineri, 2 iulie 2010

A walk in the park - detailed

My previous post was short because it was posted from my mobile phone, but it was enough as a photo is worth 1000 words :).

These are photos all photos taken with my phone.
An old friend, a good friend (at least from my point of view) of mine, invited me today to take a walk in the park. This special friend of mine (and i say special because of the way she behaves, one minute we're best friends, the next minute she's cold as ice) called me the day before yesterday, phonecall wich came as a surprise to me, because she was in a "cold" mood.
Her phone call made me really happy as i enjoy her presence so i decided to push my luck and ask her out for a drink (and, for my surprise, she said YES). So we went for a walk in the park.
It's amazing how the presence of a certain person can really flip your mood and change your whole day. This thing happens to me very seldom, and it only lasts for a couple of days. This person makes me forget about day-2-day worries and everything.... it just teleports me in a different world, a parallel universe (yes, i do belive in such things). I just hope there will be, and pray for the day when she will not get cold with me anymore...
Have you (my readers (if there are any)) felt like this?
This post is in english because i just felt like putting the title in english in the first post, the one from my mobile phone, and also because this is not a regular post and i will not aproach this topic very often.
P.S. (only for her): I am still waiting for your answer via SMS.

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