joi, 12 mai 2016

Relaxation tip

Since the weather hasn’t been very friendly during the recent period I thought about writing some indoor relaxing activity you can do, since the parks are not a very smart choice during thunderstorms.

Although one of my favorite leisure activities is just good old stayin’ home and sleeping, I have a solution for all of you outdoorsy type. Not the usual bar, cinema, mall activities, I was thinking about an erotic massage.

An erotic massage is more than just a simple massage, it’s an intense experience that combines the leisure of a regular massage with the extreme pleasure of arousal. If you want to find an erotic massage salon in Bucharest (yes, we do have those, they’re not only in Thailand), it shouldn’t be that hard. Even though they’re not spread everywhere, like malls or bars, if you go down town you will definitely find a perfect spot.

Erotic massage in Bucharest is not a very common activity. Or maybe it is, but people don’t really talk about it. That doesn’t necessarily make it less intense or less attractive as a leisure activity. Due to the fact that most people are religious and judgemental , you won’t be hearing your friends bragging about going to one of these salons. In my opinion that’s a mistake, as there is nothing to be ashamed about. 

Relaxation is one of a human being’s basic needs, among food and water.  And in a continuously growing corporate society where the average person spends most of it’s day working, relaxation kind of becomes paramount.  We’ve all seen cases of people dying from Burnout Syndrome, which is mainly caused because people forget to take care of themselves and relax instead of just working all day. These types of activities can thus increase your life, not just your energy.

But before going to one of these salons myself (they’re not very cheap), I wanted to ask all of you if there is someone (can comment anonymous) who had the chance of experiencing one of these activities. What’s it like? It would be more interesting of actually reading an advised opinion than just talking about it.

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